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How Long Have You Been Gone?

How long have you been gone?

Remembering your smiles that brighten a day,
The dreams you shared that brighten many lives,
Things you did that helped to make a day go easier,

How long have you been gone?

The tears that were shed when things became too much,
The laughter that you brought to the people around you,
The hearts you touched by just being you.

How long have you been gone?

You were many things to many people,
A child, a friend, an acquaintance,
Someone who shared their life in so many ways with those around you,

How long have you been gone?

What you brought to peoples lives is missed.
You had so much more to give but your time was cut short.
Tears shed are for what will be missed from having you near.

How long have you been gone,

The minutes turned to hours, days to weeks, then months and years.
The time you spent with us was to short.
You were only special to a few, but you touched so many people’s lives.

Memories are what we have of you and the memory that is most difficult is:

How Long You Have Been Gone.