Today I Am Retiring

I am officially retired from working. I thought I would look back on my journey that brings me to this point. NO LONGER will I need to mow lawns for a dollar or no pay at all. NO LONGER will I be getting up at between 4 AM and 5 AM. I hope to sleep […]

30th Anniversary

Today marks 30 years being married to someone who was first my friend and then my partner and mate. I remember at our small wedding reception that people did not think we would last very long and my new wife stated that if we were both alive in 30 days then we had a chance […]

When Your Health Care Provider Fails The Patients Part 5 of 5

What Can You DO When Your Health Care Providers Management Lies To You Every patient of a health care provider deserves to be treated with respect. What happens when your attending physicians treatment is exemplary but when you need information outside of your physicians control the management of your health care provider gives you the […]

When Your Health Care Provider Fails The Patients Part 4 of 5

Does Your Health Care Provider Hide Information from Patients Health care providers have tried to eliminate personnel and say that by making it easier for patients to have access to medical information as well as make appointments and request refills of medication through a program called MyChart. Fairview Health Services has such a program that […]

When Your Health Care Provider Fails The Patients Part 2 of 5

When Your Health Care Provider Fails to Provide Medical Information In today’s world nearly everything is done and stored electronically. I remember years back when people were hired to scan documents and records into a database in order to have an easier storage and retrieval system with a lot less room. Thousands of hours were […]

Data Breaches and Fraud-Can It Be Stopped

Data Breaches and the theft of personal information continue to grow at an alarming rate. When a major retailer or organizations that are suppose to protect high profile peoples information are involved, it then becomes newsworthy, otherwise it is just something that happens and very few people hear about it and less people actually care […]

Unemployed- The American Dream turns into The American Nightmare

There are so many articles and news reports about unemployment it is very difficult to know which one is accurate. The newest government report shows overall unemployment fell to the lowest percentage in the last two years. Next weeks report will probably show a sudden increase in the unemployment numbers. There are also a number […]

Simplifying Pins and Passwords

For centuries mankind has tried to figure out ways to protect or lock up valuable items and information. We use a variety of locks as well as multiple other ways to protect what is considered important. The ever changing world has forced us to developed new ways to protect our homes and businesses. And now, […]