Unemployed- The American Dream turns into The American Nightmare

There are so many articles and news reports about unemployment it is very difficult to know which one is accurate. The newest government report shows overall unemployment fell to the lowest percentage in the last two years. Next weeks report will probably show a sudden increase in the unemployment numbers. There are also a number […]

Simplifying Pins and Passwords

For centuries mankind has tried to figure out ways to protect or lock up valuable items and information. We use a variety of locks as well as multiple other ways to protect what is considered important. The ever changing world has forced us to developed new ways to protect our homes and businesses. And now, […]

Risking your Mobile Payments Information

The financial and consumer worlds are once again set to embrace a new payment method. Mobile payment make it faster to purchase goods and services as well as make it cheaper and easier to process payments for the merchants and other companies involved. According to a Gartner there are currently over 100 million mobile payment […]

Resolving Credit Card Fraud

In December 1999, the Wall Street Journal ran an article about generals, admirals, and other military personnel who experienced identity theft and Internet fraud. An invisible party was able to secure enough information to obtain credit cards in the names of unsuspecting individuals. In turn, this Internet thief ordered thousands of dollars in merchandise with […]

Purchasing over the Internet- Is it Safe?

Everyday we hear newscasts and read stories about hackers stealing credit information from Internet companies. Hackers have the ability and knowledge to steal millions of pieces credit information by exploiting weaknesses in software programs used by unprepared e-commerce companies. E-commerce companies about the newest software or shopping cart being used to make us feel comfortable […]

My Houston Problem

I call this my “Houston Problem,” although the proper name should be my Houston/Germany problem. The Houston Problem centers around Internet credit card fraud that appeared to be taking place Houston, Texas; however, my investigation would take me to the other side of the world to find the thief. In January 1999, the Houston Problem […]

Mobile Payments-Boom or Bust

It has been said that the new mobile payment method is like the old American West, growing at a breakneck pace with few boundaries. I compare this new payment method to another piece of history- the California or Alaskan Gold Rush. During that time people from all over the world were rushing to find their […]

Major Company’s-Mobile Phone Data Breach

Well it has finally happened to me. I have received a warning letter from my mobile phone provider stating that my account was one of a number of accounts involved in a data breach perpetrated against the company that provides my mobile phone services. This is my first letter ever, of this type warning me […]

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