30th Anniversary

Today marks 30 years being married to someone who was first my friend and then my partner and mate. I remember at our small wedding reception that people did not think we would last very long and my new wife stated that if we were both alive in 30 days then we had a chance to make it. Well 30 years later there is not even a scar so I guess for now we made it.
I always dreamed on our later anniversaries I would be able to take you on cruises, road trips and buy more diamond rings for you. Well dreams do not always match what life deals us. I have learned that it is not the trips or other material items people accumulate but the special things in life is holding hands and being able to kiss you good morning and good night.
Our road over the last 30 years have not been paved with gold as we dreamed of when we are young but reality has shown there are stretches that were smooth and easy to walk, stretches that were more like a dirt road, and at time stretches that were under major construction. No matter the portion of the road we were on, we had each other to show each other the way and encourage each other to take one more step on our journey.
Our days together started as rough as a grain of sand but like a grain of sand that is nurtured and carefully wrapped in the experiences of life you someday get a pearl that is called a deeper love with a special shine. That is why the 30th anniversary is the pearl anniversary.
Saying I love you is easy to do but showing you I love you has been my honor over the last 30 years.