Today I Am Retiring

I am officially retired from working. I thought I would look back on my journey that brings me to this point.
NO LONGER will I need to mow lawns for a dollar or no pay at all.
NO LONGER will I be getting up at between 4 AM and 5 AM. I hope to sleep till 6 AM.
NO LONGER will I need to milk, feed, and clean up after cows or take care of other animals other than a dog.
NO LONGER will I need to be working outside in weather of 98 Degrees above zero or 30 below Zero.
NO LONGER will I need to be out in the woods cutting trees down in order to have enough wood to keep the wood stove and furnace going for another week.
NO LONGER will I need to work nights and go to school during the day as well as farm work.
NO LONGER will I need to sling hash or make sure people get the exact meals they ordered.
NO LONGER will I need to pump gas and diesel fuel for 8-12 hours a day as well as clean windshields or check oils.
NO LONGER will I need to drive truck or deliver items in the winter, or rainy days.
NO LONGER will I need to make and sling mud as well as carry tons of blocks and bricks.
NO LONGER will I need to carry construction materials.
NO LONGER will I need to drive heavy construction equipment although I have always missed doing this.
NO LONGER will I need work 12-14 hours a day 6-7 days a week calling people and companies that owed money because they broke contractual obligations.
NO LONGER will I have the responsibility to fight fraud and try outwitting the people who wanted to steal from merchants.
NO LONGER will I be responsible for granting credit and watching if there would be a default because of the economy.
NO LONGER will I be responsible for putting together reports for clients.
NO LONGER will I need to follow instructions/orders from bosses who wish to make themselves look better instead of recognizing the people that could and would help them be better than what they wanted to be and do something great for the various companies I have worked for.
NO LONGER will I have to put up with or watch the politics that happen at companies resulting in backstabbing and less productive employees or watching good employees leave.
The work environments has drastically changed over the years and I was taught that it was an employee’s responsibility to give the employer they worked for their very best and the employees expected the very best from the employer they worked for. How things have changed.
I have and will miss some of the jobs I have worked at.
I WILL MISS managing teams that have succeeded and made me look better than I really was.
I WILL MISS doing seminars across the USA teaching companies and individuals about various types of fraud.
I WILL MISS having articles published by various magazines, papers and organizations about the changing fraud world.
Mostly I WILL MISS many of the people I worked with, that became people who worked hard to make a living and did the best job they and I could, as well as succeeding in the original jobs and many of them went on to higher positions in many different organizations.
My hobbies have been working so I am unsure what exactly I will do with my retirement.
I know one thing I will do and am looking forward to, Walking hand in hand with my wife through the universe and facing what the future and everything that comes our way in what I hope will be our “Golden” years.
I hope to see more of my family since work has taken away so many times that should have been time to get together with them.
I should say it has been fun and some of it has but for all the people who been with me through this journey I want to say THANK YOU.
Al C