Data Breaches and Fraud-Can It Be Stopped

Data Breaches and the theft of personal information continue to grow at an alarming rate. When a major retailer or organizations that are suppose to protect high profile peoples information are involved, it then becomes newsworthy, otherwise it is just something that happens and very few people hear about it and less people actually care about it.
I am sure that most people who look at these problems daily will find this as old news but I feel that it needs to be said.
Who is to blame for something that negatively affects millions of people and cost many billions of dollars each year? Is it the thieves who use technology to steal personal information or is it the companies and organizations and the people behind the companies and organizations who use technology to protect the worlds personal information. Maybe it should be the individual people that give their private information to the companies and organizations and expect their information to be safe.
Thieves are only doing what they have done for thousands of years, steal what can. People have changed attitudes since this new revolution of technology, they wish to be seen and heard, unlike the older generation. This makes a thief’s job much easier and makes them more efficient. Companies and organizations have always tried to protect their customers but are failing miserably because of the technology boom. Companies and organizations continue to use the old tried and true methods to protect private information but these methods are known by and exploited by the thieves.
I wrote over 15 years ago that if a company or organization builds a wall to protect their company or organization, thieves will do whatever they have to, including to, get a “ladder” tall enough to climb over and if that does not work they will dig a “tunnel” to get under it. Companies and organizations continue to think they are safe and boast this to customers until something happens. 2013 had 100’s of breaches that lost personal information, with the total losses in the tens of millions of pieces of information. 2014 looks to have an increase in these numbers. What the thieves are doing looks to be working. What the companies are doing, does not. And people are still opening up their life, for the world to see.
Until people start being selective to what they put out into cyberspace or start being very selective of what personal information they will share and to whom they will continue to be part of the problem. Companies and organizations, in my opinion, have failed at addressing the real problem when it comes to protecting this precious commodity of information and have lost much more of what they consider their precious commodity, money. Using the tried and true ways have not worked even with all the “Band-Aids” that have been place on these ways of protecting information through technology.
Maybe I am being too hard on the companies and organizations but over the years I have looked at mainly one thing before making a judgment in this area, a companies or organizations willingness to take the necessary steps to protect their customers and their own company or organization before something happens. Thieves evolve, and their evolution to find different techniques to succeed in their chosen job needed to be at the very least matched by companies and organizations. Losing a few hundred thousand dollars to a thief is nothing in comparison to the millions of dollars companies and organizations lose trying to re-protect themselves and the integrity lost from the customer’s confidence in them
The world is changing, many ways for the better, but people, companies and organizations need to find ways to understand and implement changes in what they do when it comes to protecting themselves and the precious commodity that the new age thieves continue to steal.