When Your Health Care Provider Fails The Patients Part 2 of 5

When Your Health Care Provider Fails to Provide Medical Information

In today’s world nearly everything is done and stored electronically. I remember years back when people were hired to scan documents and records into a database in order to have an easier storage and retrieval system with a lot less room. Thousands of hours were devoted to getting rid of excess paper and storage space. This also made it easier and faster for a company to locate records they were in need of.
Medical facilities were no exception. What really happened to all you medical records? Request a copy of your medical records and find out. That is unless your medical records are at Fairview Health Services. Then it may be that records are missing, or even misfiled as in copied into someone else’s medical records.
There are times that medical facilities have a right to charge, for some records, at a specific amount per page. But in today’s world when nearly everything is an electronic records and if done correctly a quick search for a name, or patient number is placed into a computer and the data transferred over to an encrypted CD. Time factor for even for 30 years’ worth of records should be 5 minutes or even less. For a caring medical provider this should be done free of charge and the records should be a complete record of what medical treatment, prescriptions given, schedules made and schedules kept, insurance billing information, and anything related to your medical needs. Not at Fairview Health Services you get some of your records and then you get excuses and then you are told that they are going to charge you if you want more information. I only wonder what they or any company is trying to hide when these type of statements are made. Are my records missing? Could they have been scanned into someone else’s medical records? Is there a danger that a medical doctor that is treating a patient may not have important medical information pertaining to a patient’s health because something is not in the records or a mistake by the medical facility, is trying to be covered up?
Requesting your medical records is probably more important than requesting your credit file. Making sure both contain accurate information is crucial but one would be a nuisance to be wrong the other could be life threating. Not having your complete medical records or have someone else’s medical records mixed in with yours could easily result in costly treatments that were not necessary, mistreatment or mismanagement of your medical needs, or even continued pain and suffering on a patients part because of the lack of caring on a medical providers part.
Knowledge by you and the person you trust can not only make getting the right medical treatment less stressful but can also in some instances be a lifesaver. If, like Fairview Health Services, your medical provider says one thing and then changes their mind and creates a hostile situation because you asked to have a copy of all your medical records sent to you or your proxy holder say something to someone. The information and the life you might save could be yours.

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