When Your Health Care Provider Fails The Patients Part 1 of 5

When Your Health Care Provider Goes Rogue

When you have a medical disability you would want the best medical services that you can afford. Sometimes it is necessary to have someone help you with going to and from the medical facility but many times it is just as necessary to have someone understand the medical procedures and what you need to do. In the latter cases you may decide to give another party a proxy in order for them to ask questions, look into your medical needs, or even accompany you to an appointment.
What happens when your medical provider refuses to honor the proxy you signed and provided to them, or is selective in who they allow to utilize the proxy to view any and all of your medical records that would help you maintain reasonable health. Fairview Health Services is just that type of organization. They pick and choose what medical information a proxy holder may or may not utilize.
It should be understood that there are a few restrictions that even a patient cannot view or receive in their own medical records and this pertains to anything that might involve mental health records that could be harmful to the patient if released.
Otherwise a patient or their proxy holder has the right to view any and all medical records that pertain to the patient and their medical information. Without having this ability a patient’s health can and often does suffer. It does not matter to Fairview Health Services that patients suffer because of their refusal to a proxy holder or even allow a proxy holder the legal right to review any and all medical records that a patient requests the proxy holder to assist the patient with.
There are rules on the federal and state level that pertain to the protection of patient information but there are also provisions in federal and state regulations that allow any patient to provide their medical provider with very specific allowance to a third party, proxy holder, the ability to view limited or all a patient’s medical records. Fairview Health Services does not care, they believe they have the right to restrict access to any or all of a patient’s medical records from anyone that has a legitimate reason to review these records.
Examples where Fairview Health Services has restricted access to a legitimate proxy holder, reviewing upcoming schedule appointment in or for the patient to understand when and where they are required to be to receive treatment, reviewing insurance payments because the patient is confused about charges that are occurring, or even reviewing previous appointments because more information is needed by the patient.
You may wish to discuss in detail, with your medical provider about how they handle proxies, especially if you are currently using Fairview Health Services because there have been numerous instances where proxy holders are penalized or restricted for their use of their proxy rights.
Do you really want your medical condition(s) to deteriorate because your medical provider utilizes the same tactics as Fairview Health Services?
It is especially important for people with children between the ages of 13 and 18 to have the children sign a proxy otherwise medical providers will refuse to discuss medical information with you. Fairview Health services does this all the time. It is also important for people who are taking care of or assisting their elderly parents or other elderly people to make sure a proper proxy is on file with the patients’ medical provider and the proxy holder fully understand their rights and what they medical provider will and will not provide them. Hopefully your medical provider does not use an ever changing determination like Fairview Health Services does.

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