When Your Health Care Provider Fails The Patients Part 3 of 5

How Does Your Health Care Provider Treat Their Employees and Why Should You Care

This question may not even be on your mind but it should. How they treat their employee will directly affect how you are treated as a patient. Take as an example Fairview Health Services. Fairview has a slogan, “We are Fairview”.
When talking too many current and former employees about things, like a slow computer system holding up a patient registration, the sarcasm is evident when an employee says this while waiting and trying to apologize for the slowness of the computer system. Because I knew and still know a number of good employees and if I make this statement to them when they seemed stressed, they just smile in a manner that does not show that “We” is something they wish to be associated with, in my opinion.
Companies strive to be a top work place in this state. Companies take great care in developing employee surveys in order to better judge their weaknesses and strengths. I am familiar with a number of questions Fairview Health Services asks, and frankly with all the past and current employees I have made idle conversation with the questions asked set Fairview Health Services up for failure. My best guess is that a person has much better odds of winning the Powerball Lottery than the employees voting Fairview Health Services of making it in the top 5,000 companies in Minnesota.
Every company has its problems and its good employees and not so good employees. Some employees will drink the corporate Kool-Aid down in one gulp smile and then get out the pom-poms. Some will try to sip the Kool-Aid while trying to look happy but remain skeptical because of the ever changing atmosphere that creates an atmosphere of fear. There are many employees that just want to hang on to the job they are doing for their own reasons.
From the top level of management, orders are given and the people at the bottom are expected not only to abide by these orders but shut up and smile and say how much they like the daily changing of orders. Say something and you risk you not only your employment but your well-being.
The competition for being one of the top 100 companies is great but it is all the employees working to make things better that succeed in being named as one of these companies.
When so many different departments and the employees of those departments, like many at Fairview Health Services, are put between a rock and a hard place by management it affects the way patients are treated by people in those department. It is not my job so I will pass this person to someone else, it is easier to lie to this person than actually answer their question or help them, or even just ignore them or their request so that they go away.
It is a few people at the bottom of the food chain in any medical provider that continue to do the things that keep patients coming back. When too many of the caring employees leave and the remaining people show their uncaring attitudes aka “I have to have my job so I will drink the Kool-Aid and keep my mouth shut” then it is time to look someplace else for a medical provider that has your best interests at heart.

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