When Your Health Care Provider Fails The Patients Part 4 of 5

Does Your Health Care Provider Hide Information from Patients

Health care providers have tried to eliminate personnel and say that by making it easier for patients to have access to medical information as well as make appointments and request refills of medication through a program called MyChart.
Fairview Health Services has such a program that is supposedly to make a patient’s information readily available to the patient. By Fairview Health Services own admission the MyChart program they use contains only a very small portion of what is needed for a patient or someone that helps the patient with their medical needs. I found this out the hard way. I compare this lack of information to going in and purchasing a new car from an auto dealer and when you go into the dealership to pick up the car it has no engine, transmission, backseat, rear window, and three tires are missing. Yes it is a new car but in my opinion is as worthless as a screen door in a submarine. So is only having access to only a portion of one’s medical information.
So why would a health care provider hide a patient’s medical information from the patient? Fairview Health Services has not answered that question and I wonder if maybe they are hiding something because what is hidden might be problematic for them. I find it critical to anyone with a medical condition to be able to review and discuss their medical records with people they trust, like family, close friends, and or other professionals in the patient’s life. So why only give a small portion of one’s medical information.
Maybe Fairview Health Services should rename their MyChart program, How We Save Money by Not Hiring People, or OurChart We Let You See What We Want You To, or maybe Order Medicine or Make an Appointment but Everything Else Is off Limits. For patients that only need to schedule an appointment, send the doctor a question, or order refills, the MyChart program will fill the bill but for someone who needs actual medical information it fails miserably.
Patients need information on upcoming appointment, insurance payments, lab results, and a host of other relevant information of a patient’s medical care. Not having all the information available forces a patient to call their health care provider and Fairview Health Services like most business has the press one for English, two for whatever, press whatever for this department or that department. If you are lucky to speak to someone and not have to leave a message they more likely will transfer you and by the time you get transferred a few times you are angry and it shows in your voice and either you get hung up on or you get put on hold. Do you really wish to start with the press one for English routine again? Maybe if an investment in people that truly care about their job and you as a patient were hired instead of the investment in a MyChart program that gives inadequate medical information to you, a health care provider like Fairview Health Services would have happy patients. Just a thought.

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