When Your Health Care Provider Fails The Patients Part 5 of 5

What Can You DO When Your Health Care Providers Management Lies To You

Every patient of a health care provider deserves to be treated with respect. What happens when your attending physicians treatment is exemplary but when you need information outside of your physicians control the management of your health care provider gives you the “run around” and even lies to you. This is the case of some of the management personnel of Fairview Health Services.
No longer are physicians in control of your total health care. They must, at times, push patient through like a cattle milking operation except to the management “milk” is the number of patients the physicians see and how much management is charging for those visits.
I requested a copy of all my medical records for a specific purpose, as I suggest all people do and have previously said, seeing what is in your medical records are actually, in my opinion, is, as if not more important than your credit file. At first the director at Fairview Health Services was cordial and accommodating and when I though they only had to go back 6 years she corrected me and stated, “You do have a right to get copies of records going back as far as we have them. So we will add the older records into the CD that we are making, no charge.”
I did receive a CD with some of my medical records and information but not all the records and information I requested. I sent her a list of known missing items and then she started with excuses and tried to put me off. I believe she was hoping I was one of these farm cattle and would not know the difference between alfalfa and weeds when it came to what she was trying to feed me.
The last direct correspondence that I received from this director of Fairview Health Services pertaining to my requests of receiving my medical records stated “Medical Records: Fairview has provided you with complete information that constitutes your “designated record set” and therefore we have no addition information to provide you from other systems”. Well that is a surprise to me since I listed out several records and information that was missing from “my right to get copies of records going back as far as we have them. It should be noted I have been going to Fairview Health Services or the health care provider for nearly 3 decades. Guess it is easier for management to lie or mislead patients then to keep their word and help a patient in need.
If you have recently or never requested your medical records I would strongly suggest that you do so, soon. You will find out many interesting things about your previous medical treatment that you may never know or have forgotten about. It will also give you some insight to your health care provider.
I just hope you will not find out the hard way like I did with Fairview Health Services management, it is easier to lie than it is to do a job they said they could do.

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